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Exercise of the Week: Farmers Walk (video included)

This weeks maximal strength exercise is one of my all time favorite functional strength-endurance exercises. The farmers walk, also known as the farmers carry, is a total body and total system exercise. Not only does it work all your major muscle groups, it also increases your strength, power, muscular endurance, cardiovascular/cardiorespiratory endurance, and your neuromuscular coordination.

This exercise also builds massive strength which is why its a favorite in Strongman competitions. It’s the total strength package.

How to perform the farmers walk:
  1. Start by selecting appropriately weighted dumbbells and placing them on the floor on either side of your body.

  2. Reach down, bending at the hips and knees, and grasp the dumbbells in each hand. Deadlift them up by extending your hips and knees, keeping a neutral spine throughout.

  3. Hold the dumbbells at your side with a firm grip. Stand tall, keeping your shoulders, back, and core tight.

  4. Initiate the movement by walking forward at an even pace with your eyes focused straight ahead of you.

  5. Complete the desired amount of steps, distance, or time, then stop, and lower the dumbbells down while keeping a tight core and neutral spine.

  6. Rest for 1–2 minutes and repeat until you reach your desired amount of sets.

Sets, reps, and rest periods:

You can perform this exercise for time, steps, or distance (in the video I do it for approximately one minute). Make sure to log how you did it, so you can repeat it the next time. When it becomes easy you can increase the amount of work, and/or increase the weight depending on your goals. Three sets with 1-2 minutes rest in between is a great routine for beginners to start. Join me in the video below, so we can do the exercise together! For more workouts to improve your performance for fitness and self-defense, get my book, The Short Fight, on Amazon at

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Thanks so much!

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Until next time, Stay Fit!

Sincerely, Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight

Farmers Walk

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