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Self Defense Tip: Walking Alone?

Nowadays, walking alone has become a dangerous activity, especially at night. Approximately 46% of Americans are fearful of walking alone, and they have every right to be. Some 1.9 million women are physically assaulted annually, and men also are victims of assault.

If you have to walk alone, follow these safety tips:

  1. Make a plan of your route before you go. This will help you not get lost and end up in an unfamiliar, or bad neighborhood.

  2. Tell folks where you are before heading out. Whether you're going to exercise, or walking your dog let friends or family know beforehand.

  3. Always carry your phone with you, and install a tracker, or safety app on it in the event you have an accident or worse, someone will be able to find you. Some safety apps even let you alert the authorities with one touch of your screen if you feel threatened or see something suspicious.

  4. Avoid areas that are dark, deserted, or out-of-the-way, such as a trail, alley, or a parking lot. These aeas can be riskier than a well-lit area full of people. Stick to familiar neighborhoods with people around, and stores in case you need to get other peoples attention.

  5. Have your hands free. If your hands are full carrying bags, etc. you cannot use them to alert authorities, escape a dangerous situation, or defend yourself.

  6. Carry a non-violent deterrent. Things like pepper spray, or mace, and a personal alarm are great to carry in your hand. You can get the ones that hook onto your key chain, so they are easily accessible.

  7. Avoid wearing headphones or talking on your phone as you walk. These are a very big distraction, and predators know it too.

  8. Trust your instincts. I have had numerous victims tell me they felt something wasn't right, but they went there anyway, only to be victimized.

  9. Take a self defense workshop, seminar, or classes. These are not the same as martial arts classes, which can take months or years of regular practice to be useful. Feel free to contact me for a free self defense workshop for you and a friend (or a group). These workshops are available either in-person, and online. Additionally, you will get my book, The Short Fight, so you can practice the essential self defense techniques that I show you.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight


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