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Simple Basic Self Defense Takedown

There are times in a fight where you need to take an assailant down to the ground. Maybe they are aggressively striking you, or you need to control/contain them because they are may injure others. Either way it is crucial that you learn how to take someone down.

This basic takedown is known as the power double aka tackle, or even Gable takedown. It is a very basic and simple technique to use. It is also a powerful way to end a fight.

That being said, taking someone down is more complex than striking them, so you need to drill/practice the power double (and any takedown) repeatedly. Additionally, taking someone down requires a lot more energy than striking them. Repeated practice will help you maintain your energy.

For best results, make sure you are close enough to take an assailant down. Performing the takedown from the clinch range is ideal, but striking range works well too. Also, "hide" your takedown by throwing strikes first. this will make it more difficult for the assailant to see the takedown coming (and defend it). The video below show how to perform the takedown from a close punching range.

How to perform the Power Double:
  1. When in a clinch or punching range partially squat down, lowering your level.

  2. Step close with your lead leg, the closer your toes are to their toes, the deeper the takedown will be (making your takedown easier).

  3. Drive your forehead into their belly, or solar plexus (sternum).

  4. Simultaneously, wrap your wrists around the back of their knee.

  5. Drive forward walking your rear leg up ( if they are resisting a lot, you may need to keep walking each rear leg forward until you get the takedown).

  6. Either run away, or mount them, so you can control or strike them.

See video below to see how it's performed. As always if you have any questions, contact me.

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Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight


The Power Double Takedown

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