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This Kick Stops an Assailant in Their Tracks

This weeks self-defense technique is very simple to perform, and when done correctly will stop an assailant dead in his tracks. It is a safe kick to perform because it keeps you facing the assailant, and allows you to keep your hands up without difficulty. Additionally, it keeps you outside of their punching or grabbing range. This technique is called the "Oblique Kick".

When performing the oblique kick you use the heel of your foot to strike the front, side, or back of the assailant's knee.

This kick ends in one of three very effective results:

  • Stopping the assailant from walking forward.

  • Kicking the leg out from under them.

  • Spraining the ligaments in their knee (the ACL, MCL, LCL, and/or PCL), resulting in low or no mobility (allowing you to run away).

How to perform the oblique kick:
  1. Start in fighting stance.

  2. Raise your rear knee up and out in front of you, then kick your foot out towards the assailants knee.

  3. Turn your foot outward so the heel of your foot makes contact with their knee.

  4. Lean into the kick (don't lean back) and push through the assailant's knee.

The amount of power behind your kick, and your accuracy will determine its effectiveness, so practice this kick often. If practicing with a partner, take care not to hit their knee hard (touch-only contact), but you should hit a heavy bag, or kicking shield hard to build up your power.

Below is a short instructional video on how to perform the oblique kick.

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Lawrence Castanon,

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The Oblique Kick

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