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Beware of Fake Martial Arts

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

I recently came across another one of those video advertisements claiming to possess a "secret method" capable of effortlessly subduing any assailant, regardless of their size, without the need for any strength, or even contact! These sales pitches are everywhere, attempting to lure you into their programs. I can't help but get infuriated by this kind of irresponsible advertising because it puts your safety on the line, possibly even your life, in real-life situations.

Let's face it, having a certain level of strength and power is fundamental when dealing with any attacker, especially one who's bigger or stronger. No matter how impeccable your technique is, it won't serve you well if it lacks the necessary strength to effectively counter the other person. To illustrate, think about a small child attempting certain martial arts moves on a resisting adult; without sufficient strength, it just won't work. The same principle applies to you and me.

Every physical technique demands a degree of strength, force, speed, or power to execute. This isn't up for debate; it's basic physics. Moreover, the simple act of moving your muscles requires the application of force and strength. Increase the speed, and you're adding a component of speed-power into the mix.

You can test this out for yourself. Attempt that so-called "secret technique" on a partner without employing any strength, force, or speed. You'll quickly realize the technique fails against an uncooperative person. Just as you can't incapacitate an assailant with your mind or "chi," you can't execute a physical technique without utilizing some level of strength, force, and/or speed.

The proof is evident in combat sports, where participants are categorized by weight class. The divisions exists because it's significantly harder to overcome someone who's naturally bigger and stronger. Interestingly, even within their own weight classes, these athletes engage in weight/resistance training to become STRONGER.

That's why, in the initial section of my book, "The Short Fight," I've included a comprehensive physical training program comprising functional bodyweight exercises, maximal strength weight-bearing exercises, and explosive power training exercises, BEFORE delving into the self-defense techniques. You don't need to match the size or strength of the assailant, but you do need to be the strongest version of yourself. Self-defense techniques are most effective when built upon a foundation of strength and power.

And let's address the elephant in the room - those techniques that claim to require no strength whatsoever? They're a BIG LIE. Whenever you encounter these deceptive advertisements making sensational claims, recognize that the advertiser cares little about your safety and well-being; they simply want to empty your pockets.

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Until next time, stay and strong!


Lawrence Castanon

Author, "The Short Fight"


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