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Check Kick Defense (video included)

This week we are covering checking the kick as a defense. As I mentioned before, kicks are powerful weapons that can do a lot of damage. As a result, your hands, or fingers can easily be broken by a kick.

Checking the kick is a destructive defense that can render the assailant’s kicking leg useless, allowing you to finish the fight, or run away.

You will be using your own knee and shin to stop kicks coming from the front (i.e., front kick) or around the side (i.e. low roundhouse kick).

Leg check defenses are effective against low and mid-height kicks to your body (use the other defenses against high kicks). With this defense you are able to keep your hands up protecting your face/head.

How to perform:

  1. Standing in either neutral or fighting stance, lift your knee quickly and turn it in the direction of the kick.

  2. Point your toes down, and flex/tighten your knee and shin.

  3. Turn your upper body in the direction of their kick, so your same-side knee and elbow connect. This will make a longer defensive “wall.”

  4. Practice "striking" the opponent’s kicking leg with your flexed knee.

  5. Check their kick with whichever leg you have closest to their kicking leg.

Below is a quick tutorial of how to check kicks.

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Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight

Checking Kicks

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