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Exercise of the Week: Two Exercise Superset to Enhance Your Power (video included)

This week's "Exercise of the Week" is a superset of exercises to help you react powerfully.

Your ability to strike with power is crucial when it comes to defending yourself; this is especially true if you're the smaller weaker person. That's where Explosive Reactive-Power/Plyometric training workouts come into play. This routine doesn't just build strength, it develops the explosive power you need to defend yourself effectively: Whether that is to deliver a knockout blow, block incoming strikes, escape a hold, or counter a takedown, mastering explosive power/reactive plyometric training is essential.

Now, before you jump into this advanced phase of training, here's a heads-up: if you're new to exercising, it's a good idea to wait for a couple of months. Spend that time mastering the basics with earlier strength training programs. But here's the catch – don't skip this routine entirely. When you're ready to take your training to the next level, this is the kind of workout that will transform your abilities.

The Routine:

This workout is called the Dumbbell Bench Press to Hand Clap Push-up Plyometric Superset, and it combines strength and plyometric exercises for maximum effectiveness. In this superset, you'll perform two exercises back-to-back with minimal rest in between.

  • First up is the dumbbell bench press, focusing on building your strength.

  • Next is the hand clap push-up, a plyometric/reactive exercise that enhances your explosive power.

  • The trick here is speed – perform both exercises as quickly as possible, one after the other.

Sets, Reps, Rest and Tempo:

Perform 3-6 Supersets of 1-10 reps, at 30%-45% of your one rep max, or 10% of your body weight. The tempo of your reps should be fast/explosive, and your rest between supersets should last between 3-5 minutes.

Watch the instructional video below for how to perform the dumbbell bench press to hand clap push-up superset exercise.

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Until next time, stay strong!


Lawrence Castanon

Author, "The Short Fight"


Dumbbell Bench Press to Hand Clap Push-up Superset

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