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Short On Time? This One Exercise Works Everything! (exercise video included)

Short on time but you need to get a workout in? No equipment to work out with? No worries. This functional body-weight exercise will leave you pumped and feeling great quickly.

The Crab-walk Toe Touches is great total body exercise that works all of the physiological systems - upper and lower body musculature including the core muscles, cardiorespiratory, stabilization, and even some flexibility.

Sets, Reps and Rest:

  • Beginners perform one set of 5 reps per side (10 reps in total), take a minute rest, and repeat (if able).

  • Avid exercisers perform five sets of 10 reps per side (20 reps in total), resting one minute between exercises if needed.

Do a set of this exercise with me in the video below.

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Crabwalk to Toe Touch

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