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The Hook Punch (2 instructional videos included)

Hook punches are one of my favorite strikes because they are simple to perform, and you can generate a lot of power with them. You can also drop an assailant with a variety of hook punches. Additionally, hooks punches are a versatile weapon. You can throw a hook punch from standing, on your knees, or off your back. This week we will cover hook punches from the standing position.

Areas to strike:

Hook punching someone in the ear or jaw are powerful strikes that can render the assailant unconscious, ending the fight immediately. Also, punching their nose is extremely painful due to all the sensory nerves there (if you've ever been hit in the nose, you know what I'm talking about). If you are going to punch to the head, stay away from the forehead as it is the hardest part of the skull, and can damage your hand..

Additionally, delivering a well placed hook punch to the liver or kidneys can drop an assailant immediately. Other great areas to hook punch is the the groin and the solar plexus, these areas can also drop an assailant, and/or knock the wind out of them, leaving, them bent over and gasping for air. Body punches will not injure your knuckles, but do not bend your wrist when punching, or you may injure your wrist.

How to throw a hook punch from the standing position:
  1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart in a neutral stance, or fighting stance (if using fighting stance, use your rear hand to perform the punch).

  2. Hold your hands up slightly above and in front of your head (protecting your face without blocking your vision) and clench your fists.

  3. Turn your hip in one direction and raise the heel of that hip up and outward. When punching the face, turn the punching fists palm side down (parallel to the ground). For punching the body, drop the punching hand to his body’s height, and have the palm of your closed fist facing you. Do not bend your wrist on either of these punches.

  4. Next, rotate your waist towards the assailant’s body, punching horizontally outward, into your intended target.

  5. Start off slowly and break it down into steps. Ultimately you will be able to perform this punch in a fluid manner. Slow is smooth, and smooth becomes fast.

  6. Repeat and practice with your other fist.

  7. Reminder! Do not bend your wrist when punching. Turn your shoulder, arm, and hip instead.

Below are two quick tutorials of how to throw hook punches.

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Hook Punches

Hook Punches to the Body

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