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Clinch Lesson #11: Defense Against Double or Single Wrist Grab (instructional video included)

A simple method for an attacker to dominate someone weaker is by seizing both their wrists, as often seen in instances where men attempt to pull a woman out of a bar or nightclub, or when an abductor attempts to take a child. This method of control works because the assailant can move you around easily by pulling your arms in the direction that they want you to go; and in the case of both your wrists being grabbed, you cannot hit him/her to fight back.

Additionally, wrist grabbing is an instinctual technique that anyone can do. For example, in a street situation, it's not unusual to see one person grab both of the other persons wrists to stop them from hitting them. Additionally, double wrist grabs are an effective way to set up a wrestling takedown, or judo throw, so try to avoid getting both of your wrists grabbed.

If the assailant grabs both your wrists:

Pull your wrists closer to your body while turning your thumbs and wrists upward and outward to break the hold (using a hitchhiker's motion). Use your body weight to help you twist up and outward, away from their grab. Perform this in a fast and more forceful manner to force them to release the grab.

If you cannot escape their hold, drive your body weight into them while performing the following strikes:

  • Shovel kicks or knees (depending on how far/close they are) to the assailant’s groin.

  • Head butt assailant's face or solar plexus (if within reach).

  • Repeatedly pull your hands away while striking to escape their hold..

If the assailant grabs one of your wrists:

If one of your wrists is free, start striking the assailant with that hand using:

  • Palm heal strikes and hammer fists to assailant's nose/face.

  • Horizontal or vertical elbow strikes to the assailants nose/face, or solar plexus.

  • Repeatedly pull your hands away while striking to escape their hold.

Below are two demonstration videos of how to attack the assailant if both your wrists are grabbed.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


Head butting against both wrists grabbed

Groin kicking against both wrists grabbed

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