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Clinch Lesson #7: Front Bear hug #1 (instructional video included)

This is the 7th lesson in our Clinch 101 series.

The front bear hug over the arms occurs when the assailant grabs you around your arms while facing you. This technique is frequently employed on individuals who are smaller or weaker, such as children, and is commonly utilized by assailants for easily picking up and transporting victims, as seen in scenarios like child abductions. Please teach this defense to your children!

The Front Bear Hug Over the Arms clinch presents a challenging situation for escape, as the assailant gains control of your body and pins your arms to your sides, limiting your options to defend yourself. To break free from this hold, it's crucial to move frantically and explosively while yelling loudly. These actions create difficulties for the assailant to maintain control of you.

Incorporate the following techniques to successfully escape from the Front Bear Hug Over the Arms:

  1. Drop your weight (i.e., squat), and begin twisting violently not allowing him to pick you up.

  2. Deliver repeated knees, punches and/or grabs to assailant’s groin.

  3. Deliver repeated head butts to opponent’s face (i.e., nose, mouth, ear, but not their forehead).

  4. Bite the assailant wherever you can reach.

  5. Continue attacking until you are released, then run away.

  6. Note: If the assailant picks you up, lift your legs up, then thrust them down towards the ground repeatedly as hard as you can. This will make it difficult for them to hold you in the air.

Below is a short demonstration video of how to defend against a front bear hug over your arms.

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Until next time, Stay Safe!

Lawrence Castanon

Author, The Short Fight


Front Bear Hug Over the Arms

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