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Exercise of the Week: Plyometric Skips

Welcome to the exercise of the week! Whether you're looking to get functionally stronger to defend yourself, or you just want to look ripped like a fighter, these exercises will get it done.

This weeks exercise of the week is Plyometric Skipping. Skips performed in a plyometric fashion is a great exercise to increase your explosive power and reactive-neuromuscular coordination.

Originally plyometric exercises were used only by athletes, but it has found its way to the general public because of its ability to train folk’s neuromuscular systems to react quickly. This could also help prevent many slip and fall accidents which are so prevalent in older older, and deconditioned folks.

Sets and Reps:
  • Beginners start with one set of 10 repetitions.

  • Advanced folks rest two or more minutes before repeating 3-4 sets.

  1. Make sure to wear athletic shoes and/or use an exercise mat.

  2. Warm up with a leg exercise such as squats before doing the skips.

  3. Land softly onto your feet when skipping.

  4. Do Not lock your knees out during any portion of the exercise.

  5. Do Not perform this exercise more than twice per week, and make sure to give yourself two days rest between sessions.

Below is an instructional video so you can perform the exercise with me.

Let me know if you have any questions and Have Fun! Also, if you’re looking for exercises to target a specific body part, ask me and I will post it for you in an upcoming video.

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Sincerely, Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight

Plyometric Skips

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