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Exercise of the Week: Single-leg Lift & Chop

Welcome to the exercise of the week! Whether you're looking to get functionally stronger to defend yourself, or you just want to look ripped like a fighter, these exercises will get it done.

This weeks exercise of the week is the Single Leg Lift and Chop. It is an excellent balance and stabilization exercise that works your whole body. You will feel it challenging your balance, core stabilization, lower, and upper body strength.

How to perform:
  1. Hold a weighted object in your hands like a medicine ball (shown in video), a dumbbell, or even a water bottle. If you cannot hold any weight, just clasp your hands together and perform the exercise that way.

  2. Raise your arms over your shoulder, and lift the same-side leg up.

  3. "Chop" the object diagonally across your body to your opposite-side hip.

  4. Return the object back above your shoulder, and repeat for repetitions.

  5. If you feel like you're losing your balance, tap the toe of your elevated foot on the ground for support. Eventually, you will be able to do it without tapping the ground.

  6. Start with one set of 12 reps per side, and build up to three sets of 12-16 reps per side.

If the exercise is too hard:

  • Reduce the weight (you can do them without weight also).

  • Reduce the amount of repetitions until you build up strength.

If the exercise is too easy:

  • Increase the weight.

  • Perform more repetitions, or perform for time (i.e., as many reps as possible within one minute).

  • Increase the speed in which you perform the repetitions safely.

Below is an instructional video so you can perform the exercise with me. Let me know if you have any questions and Have Fun!

Also, if you’re looking for exercises to target a specific body part, ask me and I will post it for you in an upcoming video.

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Lawrence Castanon,

Author, The Short Fight

Single Leg Lift and Chop

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